Wellbeing Teams

Launching a radical new model for home care

Sometimes an organisation comes along with plans to disrupt the status quo. This was one of those times.

In founding Wellbeing Teams, Helen Sanderson knew that she wanted something that didn’t feel like traditional homecare – because this wasn’t a traditional model.

Instead, she wanted something that captured vitality, vibrancy, and a new way of working. It needed to work effortlessly across different media, and to work with lifestyle photography that could bring it to life.

As well as an identity, Helen asked for animations, a website, and design for print and screen; in other words, an end-to-end service.


Our work on their key messages, branding website and social media has meant that Wellbeing Teams has already captured the imagination of its audiences: from people looking for care and support, to potential carers, council commissioners and policymakers in the social care sector.

The visual identity for Wellbeing Teams was created in a modular way. It represents the three areas of wellbeing that they focus on in their care and support for people, and it’s at this very intersection that real wellbeing happens. This holistic approach is directly aligned with what their customers are looking for in a provider.

Our ongoing communications support has helped Wellbeing Teams to scale up, fast; attracting significant funding and building a positive reputation amongst key stakeholders. The Nextery continues to provide them with communications campaigns across digital and traditional media.

‘What a terrific website – love the colours, layout, everything. It looks both friendly and professional.’

Care services commissioner at a local council