Yesterday I met with my client Helen to talk about one of our ongoing projects, the relaunch of the website

Think About Your Life is an initiative designed to help people to make decisions as they approach the end of their life. It was originally created for people with terminal cancer, but can support people with long-term conditions too, and, in fact, anyone who wants to think through how they would want the end of their life to be.

Dying not an easy subject to talk about, and it’s certainly a challenge for me to work on. We need to talk about Think About Your Life with sensitivity and compassion, but Helen’s organisation has the website’s tools and techniques have really positive results that make a difference to people’s experiences.

This image from artist Emily McDowell is part of her ‘Empathy Cards’ range, and perfectly illustrates why initiatives like Think About Your Life are so important.

Watch this space, as I’ll be talking more and more about the important work she’s doing here. Together, we’re going to review the entire site and redesign our communications offer, to reach more people who need support than ever before.