Today we have a recruitment workshop for care sector team members (known as Wellbeing Workers) for the care at home provider Wellbeing Teams in Greater Manchester. We had over 100 applicants for the role in just a few days – and this is a sector which is traditionally very hard to recruit to.

We used a mix of channels including Facebook ads and Indeed, and a number of our existing team members also referred friends (a reflection of our high employee promoter score).

Facebook ads performed highly on efficacy and value; with almost two-thirds of our applications coming from our targeted campaigns, which seek to recruit people based on their core values.

For just £230 we received 1,332 link clicks which converted to booked calls at a rate of just under 1 in 20. This meant that we spent just £3.64 for each applicant to book a call with us.

Given that this is advert did not target people who were actively job-seeking, but instead were attracted by an attention-grabbing ad designed to resonate with their values, this represents a high conversion rate and low advertising spend compared to traditional models such as newspaper ads or printed posters.

Following our recruitment workshop we’ll be analysing which channels our successful applicants joined us through – and I’ll keep you posted!