Role: Graphic designer (freelance)

Location: Any location considered (remote working)

Pay rate: Negotiable, based on day rate

At HopeWorks, we work as an agile team of independent professionals around the world that work together as required to get the best results for our clients. This flexible approach allows us to trial new ways of working, and we benefit from the diversity of thought that our team brings.

With this in mind we are looking to find a freelancer or freelancers to work with us on a small but exciting project for Alzheimer’s Society and NHS England, to design the logo for a new national dementia group. We are looking primarily for designers who are living with dementia or are caring for someone living with dementia.

If we find a suitable designer, we would like to add them to our database of freelancers for potential future work in the future that also relates to this sector.

Why are we doing this?

We are all a product of our experiences. Research can help us to empathise with others, but lived experience can be hard to match.

In seeking people with lived experience of dementia or dementia care, we are aiming to design with the people we are looking to serve, not just for them.

This does not mean that we will be compromising on design experience. We are not looking for just anyone. We are looking for experienced designers. We are acknowledging that people living with dementia, and carers, have assets, gifts and talents that go far beyond the box they are often put in. With that in mind, we are looking for people who are able to design, but can use their lived experience to further inform their work.

Could this be you?

We are looking for people who:

  • Have professional experience in graphic design (minimum 1 year, no maximum!)
  • Are living with dementia themselves OR are caring for a person living with dementia
  • Has some flexibility to work on this over the coming 1-2 months. 1-2 days work anticipated
  • Are interested in future freelance opportunities

The location is unimportant as this work will be done remotely.

We will be flexible in your approach to working with us, in order to accommodate your requirements.

Applying for this opportunity 

To apply, please complete the following form, or contact us for more information.