Community Circles

Enabling people-powered change at scale

Community Circles provide structure for ‘Circles of Support’ – a way to help people to achieve what matters to them, with the support of those around them. They had a great idea with the potential to transform communities, but they didn’t have the reach necessary to make real change.

Community Circles came to us with two issues that needed fixing: their message was over-complicated, and their branding did not effectively convey their message or their mission. The goal of our work together was to develop a more refined brand and a more accessible message. We also needed to work with them to develop the tools and strategy needed to help them broaden their reach.

To help them maximise their potential, we needed to update their visual identity, complete with across the board branding, a refined message, and a brand new website.


Now that they have the branding and tools they need to reach the people they can help, Community Circles is expanding its reach every day.

By far the biggest improvement to the Community Circles brand is their website. Previously a simple brochure site, the new website is interactive and engaging – keeping users coming back over again. The site also enables people to access a ‘Virtual Circle Facilitator’ for free, and has private membership areas for organisations that want to pay for premium e-learning. All these features are now run through their new automated system, enabling the Circles team to work more efficiently. Increased efficiency behind the scenes means this amazing organisation can continue to change lives despite their modest budget.

HopeWorks is proud to have helped this innovative organisation bring its service to a wider audience. Aided by a fresh new look and consistent messaging that helps them communicate with their target audience, they are now poised to connect communities like never before.

‘HopeWorks is our communications lead at Community Circles, and they give us fabulous support. They have great knowledge and understanding of our purpose and support us to deliver effective communication. ‘

Cath Barton, Community Circles

The new Community Circles website is designed to be friendlier and more engaging. The intuitive new design makes it easy for people to navigate to the areas they need.

Incorporating Circle success stories right on the front page, as well as partner logos and quotes from users, serves as social proof.

You can visit the website at