NHS Knowsley

Innovative wayfinding for a sustainable new health centre

The healthcare landscape was changing in Knowsley, Merseyside; four previously separate GP practices were merging into one innovative, sustainably-designed building. Knowsley NHS wanted new signage and wayfinding to match their new look. It needed to have a modern feel, be intuitively functional, and match the sustainability-focused theme of the new building.

Knowsley NHS also wanted to incorporate a strong sense of community in their new visual brand. HopeWorks was commissioned to work with local youth groups to design and produce effective wayfinding signage for the new centre.


We wanted to incorporate the existing visuals of the building and its environmentally-friendly construction. Inspired by the building’s unusual geometry, we collaborated with young people from a local college to create a triangular grid system that was colourful, textural, and flexible. This grid system was used to develop iconography and directional signage throughout the new centre. Signage was produced in sustainably-sourced timber, treated and sealed to provide a durable, tactile solution for this inspiring new environment.

The centre’s eye-catching, tactile new signage is both engaging and uplifting, matching the modern, natural feel of this forward-looking new building.

NHS 'Arts and Wellbeing' Best Practice Case Study

‘The patients and staff love it. You just want to touch the wood!’

Jo, Arts and Heritage Officer, Knowsley Council