Building a brand that inspires action

Lion conservation charity, ALERT, was looking to raise awareness of their work and attract new visitors to their projects. We were commissioned by their Chief Operating Officer to create a new online presence that would help them to meet these objectives.

In analysing their current situation, it became apparent that ALERT already had a huge amount of engaging content – from stunning photography and in-depth educational pages to engaging blog posts. The issue wasn’t content, but captivation – the site had plenty to say, but the message wasn’t getting out.


To help ALERT get their message to a large audience, HopeWorks proposed a website that would systematically categorise their content, be intuitive to navigate, and more effectively showcase their body of work.

We also wanted to bring their projects to life for site visitors, and highlight the real-time threat that Africa’s lions were facing. To do this, we designed a website that responds to the current environment – with real-time weather feeds and beautiful backgrounds that change to reflect the time of day. A simple, innovative idea has had a huge impact: the new design has increased visitor engagement by more than 400%.

Finally, we worked to help ALERT create a more passive income stream. We created a range of designs for merchandise to be sold in their online shop, increasing visitor engagement while helping to sustain ALERT’s ongoing fundraising efforts.

‘Wow! Unexpected, very different, and great ideas.’

David, Chief Operating Officer, ALERT

% increase in pages viewed per visitor

times increase in shop sales

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