Wellbeing Teams Membership Site

Sharing best practice in social care

Wellbeing Teams is one of our regular clients, working to spread a radical new model for social care throughout the UK and beyond.

In addition to their new branding and communications design, they also wanted to develop a new income stream. The goal was to create an educational feature on their website which would enable them to share their knowledge with other care professionals, while also creating additional income for the organisation. Like many care-focused organisations, Wellbeing Teams works with limited resources, so the new tool would need to be virtually hands-off for the staff.


To achieve the three goals of education, income, and efficiency, HopeWorks developed a subscription-based e-learning membership site. This structure has given Wellbeing Teams an effective way to share learning and generate an entirely passive income at the same time.

The entire e-learning process is automated, from sign-up to ongoing use, allowing Wellbeing Teams staff to keep their focus where it’s really needed. Users benefit from a range of video courses with downloadable interactive activities, and are automatically charged an annual subscription fee to continue using their suite of resources. This simple, efficient, profitable learning tool is uplifting the care community while supporting the efforts of Wellbeing Teams.

‘HopeWorks designed our membership website beautifully. It’s easy to navigate, clear and I love the branding. They are a pleasure to work with down to their great communication and they really ‘got’ what we wanted.’

Emily mcardle, wellbeing teams

The whole sign-up process is completely automated, leaving the Wellbeing Teams team to concentrate on their core mission, while still generating passive income.